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Plumbing Services, HVAC Repair & Contractor Near Me Boston, NY, Hamburg, NY & Colden, NY

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I have been very pleased with Vacinek Plumbing and Heating. They came highly recommended and I will highly recommend them. Prices are fair, work is professional and service is on time.


Very happy new customer! They were excellent in their assistance of repairing the screw ups of another so called heating and cooling contractor. Service men were very courteous and professional as well as keeping everything neat and clean when they left. Again thank you for your assistance and service.


If you are looking for a reliable, hardworking, and professional contractor….look no further! We called Vacinek for a roofing quote and the woman on the phone was super nice and helpful! We had to reschedule the appointment due to winter weather but were able to get another appointment right away…


I had a metal roof, gutters, and skylight installed and am very pleased with the work. The workers were very professional and addressed any concerns I had quickly. Job well done!


Just had a new American Standard high efficiency furnace and 3 ton AC unit installed by Vacinek. Workers did a nice job on the install…very neat and professional. System is working great. Would highly recommend.